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The Progressive Era Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

The Progressive Era - Essay Example During this era, African-Americans and women were not authorized to participate in politics. The presidents of the progressive era viewed as game changers. This is evident from the several constitutional amendments done in that period of time. The era was marked by four different constitutional amendments. The first one was the 16th amendment authorizing government operations to be financed by graduated income tax. The next was the 17th amendment providing for direct election of senators. The 18th amendment barred the importation and sale of alcohol. The 19th amendment allowed women to participate in voting. The game changes also involved enforcement of several reforms. For instance the government of the United States exercised control in the banking system by forming federal reform systems. Large tracks of land were set aside to serve as national forests promoting the beauty of the country. The presidents of the progressive era tended to expose the United States on the evolutionary path. Some citizens were viewed to be more evolved than others. The progressive era presidents highly believed in American society, religion, politics and American capitalism. They never engaged in Marxism, communism or anarchy activities. They were among the lucky people to get school beyond high school education hence the reason for the several changes associated with their terms. They had common belief in education empowerment as well as common interest to the society. However there were two main opposing views among the progressive era presidents the way reforms were to occur. The two views were reforms from within and reforms from without. In the reforms from within, those who supported it argued that since challenges were local thus solutions should be local. The others believed that challenges were coming from outside and thus actors needed to from outside. The three presidents of the progressive era included, Teddy Roosevelt, Taft and Wilson (Lubove 22). They had several dif ferences one being that it was the republic presidents who failed to offer voting rights to women. Teddy Roosevelt was of the belief that individuals ought to be bread selectively just like cattle. Another difference between the republicans and the democrats was that the republicans pushed the agenda for equal rights which democrats did not approve. The democrats of the progressive era formed KKK which forbids the blacks from voting for the Republicans. Foreign Policy in Progressive Era Before its entry to World War 1 America the best way possible to maintain its diplomatic ties with Asia. The commitment of the country’s troops in 1917 contributed much to the country’s victory giving President Wilson the reason to shape peace. The war with Spain led to the building of a canal that linked Pacific Ocean with Atlantic Ocean. The project of constructing the canal was taken over from the French people. All through the progressive era, the United States had followed a policy referred to as policy of intervention. It was applied in the Caribbean and Central America. In the Plat Amendment, The United States had the mandate to intervene Cuba in preserving their independence as well their social and political stability. President Roosevelt played a major role in maintaining peace in between Japan and Russia. The event was aimed at limiting the gains of Japan as it was a major power in Asia. This earned President

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